Move a Mountain for Muscles

My name is Martin Hywood; I’m living with and adjusting to a life with Muscular Dystrophy; a muscle-wasting condition with no treatments or cure.

20 years ago I received a diagnosis of a degenerative condition and although I was surrounded by family I was in the scariest and loneliest place in the world. I had no idea if my diagnosis and condition was life limiting, and I still don’t.

I never wanted to sit about and ponder; I always enjoyed adventure and pushing myself, albeit on a different level to most. I have noticed over recent years and after many fundraising events that I have become what I set out to be. I always wanted to be an adventurer and happy, so that’s what I decided to be.

On 1st July this year I will be climbing Mount Snowdon with a group of 30 friends. Without any doubt in my mind it will be the biggest challenge of my life as I can hardly walk a few paces without intense pain and discomfort. Our goal as a team is to reach the top, and all the while raise much needed funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK.

I did lots of research on outdoor kit because it was imperative that I had the lightest walking boot available, and that is what my Supalite boots are. I have since been training in the Chilterns and they are definitely a confidence booster, something less for me to worry about.

Thinking about my illness, some might say: why me? It’s an awful place to be, but now I’m saying: why not me? I have been given an opportunity not only to shout for others but to get out there and do what I love. I appreciate everything so much more. I love many different things more than I used to and my lust for life is increased, everyday feels like a second chance.

As I said above, I never thought I’d be an adventurer but I am, it may not be in the same capacity as others but it’s there, it’s in me and I love it.
I am also very proud of the fact that I encourage others to get up and out too. I have a hashtag which is ‘If I can, you can too’ and lots of family and friends have taken that to their hearts and joined myself on many occasions, and also taken on their own challenges pushing themselves to their limit and I think that is ace!

I will keep everyone updated on our challenge and if anyone would like to make a donation you can do so here…

You can also follow me on twitter @HywoodMartin