Jack Mac: Extreme Environment – Experienced Explorer

Earlier this year we introduced Jack Mac, a desktop daydreamer who switched an office job to be an all-out adventurer.

Over the past four months, Jack’s adventures in the Arctic Circle have seen him tackle an unforgiving environment with freezing temperatures, blizzards, 100 KM/H + winds, avalanches and terrifying storms.

Worrying right?

Not for Jack! These conditions allow him to recognise his weaknesses, challenge himself, problem solve, learn new skills and ultimately become a stronger, more knowledgeable and experienced explorer.

Watch the first Vanlife episode, below.

Episode 1: journey from the UK to the Arctic Circle.

If you’re in need of an excuse to look away from PowerPoint, Word or Excel? Follow Jack as he drives over 3000 miles in his expedition truck in pursuit of the Northern Lights.

Throw in some kit reviews, some amazing photography and we’re pretty sure you’ll be closing the laptop lid and heading out on those adventures yourself.

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