Family Adventure Project take on an Everyday Adventure Islands tour…

Kirstie Pelling, Stuart Wickes and their three children are our Everyday Adventurers for August.

“This summer Mum’s going to Iceland. And she’s taking the family….”

As a family, we’ve biked over 12,000 thousand miles in more than 20 countries. That’s what we call a holiday! We have journeyed across mountains, around coast, through city and countryside. We’ve followed rivers, canals, lakes and the sea. But few landscapes have been as wild, remote and full of possibilities for adventure as those we’ll be exploring in Iceland and The Faroe Islands during August.

And as well as blogging in depth about this journey on our own site, we’re excited to be able to share something of the experience with you, here, and on the Berghaus Family Adventure Project Punkt map. Check that out for video updates and pictures from the field, and to see our progress on a map.

As a family we love an adventure. We think it’s important. It’s a great stimulus for learning, for understanding the world in all its diversity, for developing your own sense of character and resilience and for developing strong family bonds. Life is a journey, essentially unpredictable, full of twists and turns, highs and lows, persistence and change. And what better way to prepare yourself or kids for dealing with that than through adventure? And this will be one summer of adventure.

Our aim is to explore the options for outdoor adventure, not for the elite athlete, but for everyday people like us who want to inject a little challenge and excitement into their summer holiday.

In our month in Iceland we’ll be exploring all four points of the compass:

– Expedition biking in the Eastern Fjords

– Getting wet in the North with some whale watching and rafting

– Going eco in the West, exploring the fishing industry and cycling the Dream Road

– Things should be more explosive in the South with a three day jeep adventure, glacier hiking, lava tubing, and various other volcanic activities.

Of course the real challenge will be learning to pronounce the name of the troublesome Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

As we noisily make our way around this remote place, 11 year old Matthew and 10 year old Cameron will be seeking out the thrills while 6 year old Hannah peers under rocks in search of the elves.

After all that we’re heading to The Faroes for a bit of R and R, and of course some new adventures and a taste of small island life.

Please join us for the month of August, to find out what an everyday family can do with a school summer holiday, two Adventure Islands, and the Berghaus blog. And if you want to join our journey virtually you can chat with us on Facebook, Twitter or through comments on our blog.

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To help them along on their adventure we’ve kitted the family out in waterproof jackets to make sure they are ready to tackle any weather. The kit they chose is below:

Stuart – Men’s Velum Jacket
Kirstie – Women’s Velum Jacket
Cameron – Boy’s Lamprey Jacket
Matthew – Boy’s Lamprey Jacket
Hannah – Girl’s Binsey 3-in-1 Jacket

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