Jack Mac: Desktop Daydreaming Vs All Out Adventure

Ever considered jacking it all in and doing something you love as your job? Adventure? Yes? Most of us have, but very rarely do we go through with it. Unlike Jack Mac…

Arctic Adventure, Arctic Circle,, Mountains, Adventure, Expedition, Bikepacking, Kayaking, Vanlife

Berghaus’ friend and adventurer Jack Mac did exactly that 5 years ago. Leaving a high-flying PR & Marketing career, Jack decided he wasn’t destined for a city center office job and pined for the outdoors. Seeking adventure and exploring the world nine-to-five in his converted VW camper-van, travelling more intimately by bike and kayak, had much more appeal.

If you spend too much time in the week getting bogged down in work, wanting to be able to head for the hilltops, Jack’s Instagram is certainly one to make you jealous.

Jack’s home is where he parks it (his VW expedition truck), work is where he finds it and love is found in the mountains. “I’m a nomad, seeking out a life less ordinary, in pursuit of experiences, not money. I work to live, not live to work and invest every penny I make into building a sustainable life of adventure.”

“Life on the bike or in the kayak is simple…ride, eat, sleep, repeat. The stress and noise of everyday life is silenced and replaced with a simple desire to reach your destination. Everything you need to live is stored neatly in just a few panniers/bags on your bike or in your kayak. It’s on the trails and on the water that you’re reminded the very best things in life are free and that nature provides a satisfaction that far surpasses anything you can buy. Bicycle or kayak touring/bike-packing allows you to escape the pressures of modern life, revert to a more primitive existence and quite simply enjoy life as a human ‘being’. The truth is, this has become the only life I know, I want, and the reason I decided to make the transition to van life.”

The above is exactly why Jack has recently embarked on his most ambitious vanlife expedition to date, kitted out in Berghaus gear.

This Adventure

Arctic Adventure, Arctic Circle,, Mountains, Adventure, Expedition, Bikepacking, Kayaking, Vanlife

After spending 4 months exploring the remote Scottish Islands (Winter/Spring 2018) Jack has spent four months travelling through 7 countries/8000 miles to the Arctic Circle (Summer/Autumn 2018) ….and back again. The vast majority Jack’s this time has been hiking, bikepacking and kayaking his way up Norway with some of his role models.

“Scandinavia left a lasting impression on me so just a few days after Christmas I said goodbye to family and friends and drove 2400 miles back to the Arctic. So, what’s next?! Well, all my adventures are completely self-funded and every year they get bigger and ultimately more expensive. Thus, I’m working on multiple assignments alongside a host of exciting adventures for the next six months before spending a month bikepacking in Peru and a 4500-mile road trip back to the UK via Finland & Eastern Europe. In the short term I have numerous adventures in the Artic Circle over the coming months (with a focus on kayaking/hiking) and a more serious expedition planned in April with GoPro ambassador Tomasz Furmanek.”

“The Arctic Circle can be an unforgiving environment with freezing temperatures, blizzards, 100 KM/H + winds, avalanches and terrifying storms. However, for me, these conditions allow me to recognise my weaknesses, challenge myself, problem solve, learn new skills and ultimately become a stronger, more knowledgeable and experienced explorer. I’m both grateful and excited to be working with Berghaus who have joined me on every expedition to date and always provide me with gear I can trust.”

Adventure ready?

Arctic Adventure, Arctic Circle,, Mountains, Adventure, Expedition, Bikepacking, Kayaking, Vanlife

So, if you need an excuse to look away from PowerPoint, Word or Excel? Over the next few months, we’ll be following Jack as he drives over 3000 miles to the Arctic Circle in his expedition truck in pursuit of the Northern Lights for bike-packing and kayaking adventures.

Throw in some kit reviews, some amazing photography and we’re pretty sure you’ll be closing the laptop lid and heading out on those adventures yourself.

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