Berghaus Adventure Challenge

We’ve been involved in a number of discussions with shortlisted entrants for this month’s Adventure Challenge and we really just wanted to explain why we set it up, and what that means for those involved, so here goes:

We set up the Adventure Challenge to help people achieve their dream adventure by providing £1000 worth of Berghaus kit and £1000 cash to one lucky expedition each month – valuable support for deserving expeditions.

To ensure the winning expedition each month is the most preferred by the outdoor community we decided to shortlist three entries, selected by a panel of judges, which were then opened to the public vote.

We believe that the voting method for the Adventure Challenge is proportionate to the size of the competition and strikes a balance between security and ease of voting.

The ongoing support from Berghaus for the Adventure Challenge is dependent on the honesty, fairness and openness of all those involved, particularly the shortlisted entrants. Any dishonesty or cheating will be dealt with appropriately.

We encourage all shortlisted entrants to use their networks to drive votes for their entries, but we have absolutely no control over this activity. In addition, we have no formal connection with UK Climbing in relation to the Adventure Challenge, it is simply an initiative that UK Climbing feel benefits the outdoor community and they support through news articles, none of which are paid for in cash or kind.

We really feel passionate about supporting outdoor adventures and want to continue the Adventure Challenge for as long as possible. The response to it has been fantastic and we hope to see some truly inspirational expeditions that really capture the spirit of adventure that is at the heart of what we do.