One Last Scroll – #TimeToGetOut

We’re all outdoor people at heart with our favourite escapes come rain, shine or more rain. But life has a nasty habit of getting in the way, like when we find ourselves scrolling rather than walking. We think we don’t have time.

In truth, we do have time, with the emotional and physical benefits of connecting with the outdoors vastly becoming more and more popular. So before you head to the hills and ditch your mobile in the bottom of your rucksack, take one last scroll as inspiration.

So, we teamed up with a couple of outdoor-obsessed photographers who rallied around a group of mates and spent a weekend in the Lakes to capture and share their stories of why they head outdoors and give us a hair-stand-on-end style reminder that it’s time to grab your Berghaus, it’s #TimeToGetOut.

We’ll dive in first with Jack Anstey…

Jack Anstey

“The outdoors is where I feel most at home, most alive and most excited. It’s a place where I can find peace in a beautiful landscape, test my comfort zone whilst climbing mountains, and overcome the difficulties of extreme weather conditions. It’s a chance to escape the craziness of city life, as it’s in the countryside that I find myself completely stress-free. These photos represent what I love to do, and it’s through experiences like these that you grow and develop. I always return from a trip feeling richer as a person.”

Words and photos by Jack Anstey.

Why I Love the Outdoors - #TimeToGetOut

Beth Squire

“Most of my childhood was spent outdoors. I loved the freedom of wide open spaces from a very early age and this sense of wildness has stayed with me. Getting outside has also had a very positive impact on my mental health. I was diagnosed with ME many years ago, which reduced my energy levels but made me even more determined to experience everything I want to. Living close to the countryside means it is very easy for me to get out. These photos I’ve taken represent what I love to do most, explore!”

Words and photos by Beth Squire.

From the early days above a shop in the North-East of England, Berghaus has come a long way. We’ve racked up more than 50 years’ experience creating outdoor gear that’s beautifully designed and built to last; helping you to get out more.

So it’s time to grab your Berghaus. It’s time to get out.

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