Leo Announces The Wall Of Mirrors – wild places, wild people, wild potential

“Nature provides the set, the ambition of your imagination creates the scene”




There are precious few cliffs in the world that exceed 1000m in vertical height. In a rarely visited corner of N.E. Greenland known as Renland lies one such wall; the immaculate monolith of granite known as The Mirror Wall.


In July 2015 a group of five friends will embark on an adventure to climb a new free route up this striking mountain, spending multiple weeks living on the massive, Arctic face before exploring some of the other dramatic summits bordering the surrounding ice cap and fjords by foot & pack-raft.


Spending time with friends in such raw nature with such a simple yet hard to achieve set of goals is a powerful & formative experience few have the privilege to enjoy.


In these blog pages we will share some of the woe & wonder, joy & suffering, highs & lows of our time in this vertical wilderness.

Please join our journey…


by Leo Houlding