The Mission – Mirror Wall



The Mirror Wall is a granite cliff 1200m tall, four times the height of The Shard in London, the UK’s tallest building. It is situated above the Edward Bailey Glacier in the remote & sparsely explored region of Renland, deep in the world’s largest fjord, the Scoresby Sund, North East Greenland.


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The primary objective of our expedition is to climb a new free-route on the Mirror-smooth, West face of the peak. A climb of such scale & difficulty will be a multi-week ‘Big-Wall style’ affair. The team will live permanently on the wall in a hanging Port-a-ledge camp for up to 20 days. As much as 400 kgs of equipment, food, fuel & even water must be hauled up by hand to enable the team to survive the harsh high-latitude conditions & succeed at the high level of performance required to free-climb such a face.



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Although demanding, difficult and at times dangerous spending such periods in such an alien environment is an unequaled experience; the hardships are offset by the unique perspective of the world that is gained & memories that will be retained for a lifetime.





On completion of this main objective a traverse of a virgin glacier will be undertaken to reach the striking summit of Grundtvigskirchen (aka Penguin Tower) where an ascent of a new route will be climbed in Alpine style (fast & light).



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For the final chapter of the trip, with the aid of Pack-rafts other virgin walls & spectacular summits in the Øfjord will be explored and an ascent of an iceberg will be made from the water of the Fjord




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“Looking for real adventure that’s not given to you in a game show format.

Being entirely dependent on your own skills for survival”



— Sean “Stanley” Leary, Unsung Hero