Gear in position, polar bears standing by!


Polar bears



My shipment made it by sea to Akureyri, Iceland from where it was flown in a Twin Otter light aircraft to Constable Point Airstrip, Greenland then packed onto Snowmobiles and hauled to its current position at the uninhabited hunting out post of Sydkp deep in the Scorsby Sund.


The good news is that all our gear & supplies are now less than 50 kms as the crow flies from our intended base camp meaning much less expensive heli time will be required to get us and all our kit to the start line.


The BAD news is that the broken window in the background was caused by a Polar bear searching for food and the snowmobile crew actually saw the offending beast and two cubs on their return journey.



sea ice



Given that they’ll be nobody out there but the bears until we arrive at the end of June and that almost half of our cache is food we may have a problem – no food for the expedition…Hmmm



I suppose we’ll have to try to get a status report closer to the time and worst case scenario bring back freeze dried rations, inspect the damage ourselves on the first heli load and if needs be bring bring as much of the back up food as we can fit into the second heli flight.



Not ideal, the nature of adventure


Leo Houlding