Millimeters to Mountains 2019

Millimeters to Mountains (M2M) Presents…

“Ok so sh*t really is getting real now!”

Since returning from a charity trip to Nepal last year Ed Jackson has been on a mission to raise £250,000 to build a spinal rehabilitation hospital over there. A years worth of fundraising events are culminating in this….An epic 18 day summit attempt of the highest trekking peak in Nepal, Mera Peak (6476m). ‘Trekking’ is definitely an optimistic word – with phrases like ‘ice axes’, ‘crampons’ and ‘ insurance policies covering evacuation over 6000m’ being thrown around so it’s fair to say this is a Himalayan interpretation of a trek!

As well as trying to create a life changing project in Nepal, Ed is still on a personal exploration following a serious spinal cord injury in 2017. Since the accident Ed realised the effect that the mountains have had on his recovery both physically and mentally so continued to push boundaries to change not only his own perceptions but hopefully give hope to other people facing similar challenges in their lives. It’s fair to say that this is BY FAR the most ambitious project to date.

The dream of standing on a 21,000ft mountain having climbed for over two weeks is real but is it possible and will it become a reality? We will have to wait and see!

The Gang

After breaking his neck in a tragic accident in 2017 Ed was forced to retire from professional rugby and contemplate facing a life quite different than the one he was used to. After defying opinion, belief and a bit of medical science along the way Ed is now summiting mountains and pulling others with him. In 2018 Ed approached Olly with the desire to start an altruistic company that focused on creating unique experiences that could in one of a few ways, help people. M2M was born and the journey of trying to make a significant difference for others began. A difference financially through the money they raise

The climb is both a test of human limitations as Ed continues to defy the odds following his spinal cord injury and a fundraising exercise as M2M and its supporters continue on their journey towards raising £250,000 to build a rehabilitation hospital in Nepal.

We will be documenting the journey every step of the way so to support from the sofa please keep checking back for regular updates.

M2M not only represents Ed’s journey from the first time he moved his toe to now climbing mountains but the way anyone can overcome a challenge facing them in their life….

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