Preparing for Everest



When packing for a climb of a big Himalayan hill you will be looking to take nothing short of a ton of gear and equipment.  It would be prudent to begin the process of having all the kit ready and organised into some semblance of order a good few weeks before you leave for your climb.


On April 2nd I will be leaving the UK bound for the Nepal for the second year running where this time I hope I will get to achieve what I set out to do last year,  which is climb Everest.  Organising this mass of kit has been slightly easier this time around with the hindsight of preparing and packing for last year’s aborted tragic season.  Still it is very difficult to stick to the airlines allotted 30kg weight limit with so much stuff to take with you.


For my trip to Everest this year the gear and kit is packed and sorted according to exactly when in the phase of the expedition it is required.  For instance there are items of clothing and equipment that I will only be using on the trek in to base camp, such as lightweight trekking boots, lightweight waterproof trousers, trekking poles etc. etc.  And then there is the specialist high altitude extreme weather wear which won’t be required till much later in the trip when I am high on the mountain.  Items like my Ulvetanna Hydrodown suit for use from Camp 2 (6,400 metres) and upwards I certainly won’t see or need until I reach the mountain, so it makes sense to have this type of kit sent ahead and then carried in by porters with the rest of the main expedition equipment.


Deciding what to keep with you and what to send ahead is a fairly simple decision to make, however you can still be left scratching your head wondering how on earth you are going to get all this remaining gear through check in without incurring a small fortune in excess baggage.  You really need to be frugal when packing your bags and only take things that you absolutely know you will need and use.


All in the total combined weight of everything that is leaving the UK for my attempt to climb the highest mountain on earth comes in at around 45-50kgs, 15 kilos of which is as mentioned freighted ahead.  Thankfully and mercifully the actual weight carried in your pack whilst moving up and down the mountain is considerably less than this.


On summit day weight is a crucial factor and can make all the difference between success and failure.  I will be using the Expedition 80 Light Rucksack from Berghaus as not only my trekking in pack but also as my summit day pack. The combination of being extremely light weight with an incredibly tough and robust fabric makes it the perfect choice to use through all phases of my trip.  In the pack itself on the way to the summit I anticipate carrying an oxygen cylinder, a litre of boiled water, spare goggles, spare down mitts, and spare gloves and a spare top half layer.  I will also have lip salve, and sun cream. In the pockets of my suit I will have some snacks, and two ½ litre water bottles inside my jacket near my core.


Throughout the entire expedition on Everest this year I will be wearing predominantly Berghaus clothing.  The choice of what to wear and when for me is largely necessitated by first and foremost being comfortable and then secondly practical with features and fit designed for the conditions expected.  In the trekking in phase I have opted for the Men’s vapour base layers and vapour light fast hiking trousers, these items give such an incredible unrestricted freedom of movement and will keep me feeling dry and comfy all day.  Higher up on the mountain and for some of the more technical stretches of the climb I have opted to use garments and leg wear from the EXTREM range of products.  The Mens Oktang Gore Tex bib pant will be ideal when climbing through the Khumbu Icefall due to the complete weather protection and toughness of the fabric and the Ulvetanna Hybrid Hyrdodown jacket will pack down nice and small for carrying but be an essential layer when stationary or sat around in my tent at the end of a long day on the mountain.


By using Berghaus on this climb of Everest I am giving myself every chance of success as I am 100% confident in my choice of clothing and equipment and I know it won’t let me down at those crucial moments.  Berghaus is the perfect brand to partner with for this climb and they have designed and developed some exciting innovations in outdoor clothing, which is perfectly suited to a high Himalayan landscape. I can’t wait to begin now. Onwards and Upwards.



  1. Expedition 80 Light Rucksack
  2. Ulvetanna Hybrid Down Jacket
  3. Ulvetanna Pro shell jacket
  4. Verdon II Fleece Jacket
  5. Vapour Base Zips
  6. Mule 40 Kit Bag
  7. Vapour Light DT Windproof Jacjet
  8. Explorer Eco Pant
  9. Ampezzo Hybr Windproof Pant
  10. Berg Beanie & Ulvetanns Beanie
  11. Hardshell Gloves


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