Men's Summer Hill Walking Kit List

There is nothing better than a stroll in the sun and you can head for the hills in confidence that you are fully protected from the elements with our warm climate kit list. You’ll need outdoor clothing which helps you stay cool and protected from the sun so look for high wicking and fast drying fabrics.

Kit List

Men’s Technical SS Crew
Men’s Spectrum Jacket IA
Men’s Terrain Zip-Off Convertible
Men’s Kintyre Jacket
Men’s Explorer Trek
Men’s Freeflow Pro 40
Distance Cap
Trek First aid kit
Shade Case
Map Case
Berghaus Hydrapak® 3 Litre Hydration System

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Base layer

Ideal Gear: Men’s Technical SS Crew
You can enjoy the warmth in comfort with the Technical Short Sleeve Crew which is lightweight, fast drying and has permanent odour protection, making it the perfect partner for an energetic walk in warm climates.

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Ideal Gear: Men’s Terrain Zip-Off Convertible
The Terrain Zip-Off Convertible pant offer the best of both worlds as they can be worn as trousers in cooler conditions and converted into shorts when things heat up. Not only are they versatile they allow freedom of movement, making it the perfect partner for an energetic walk in warm climates.

"Terrain Zip Off Convertible" "outdoor clothing" "legwear"

Mid Layer

Ideal Gear: Men’s Spectrum Jacket IA
If things cool down as you head higher up the Spectrum Fleece Jacket can be zipped into any InterActive shell, giving you a comfort and warmth right when it’s needed.

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Outer Layer

Ideal Gear: Men’s Kintyre Jacket
Take to the hills in the Men’s Kintyre Jacket, giving you the confidence to tackle whatever the challenge brings. The waterproof and super lightweight GORE-TEX® Paclite® fabric is perfect for providing a packable barrier at minimum weight .

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Ideal Gear: Men’s Explorer Trek
Tackle fells, dales, hills and mountains with the classic Explorer Trek GORE-TEX® Walking Boot. Comfort and performance are combined in this boot thanks to our GORE-TEX® waterproof protection and suede and mesh upper. The perfect fit is guaranteed with the adjustable lacing system allowing you to easily adjust and adapt to your surroundings.

"Explorer Trek" "men's footwear" "outdoor clothing"

Ideal Gear: Men’s Freeflow Pro 40
Carry all the gear you need in comfort with the Men’s Freeflow Pro 40 Rucksack, incorporating our best rucksack technologies to produce a bag that sits well on your shoulders and feels good on your back. Perfect for a summer hike, this sturdy rucksack gives generous daysack capacity, and is built on a system that allows airflow and ventilation where it counts.

"Freeflow Pro 40" "rucksacks" "outdoor clothing"


Ideal Gear: Distance Cap
Keep a cool head and stay protected as the sun beats down on your trek with this Distance cap.

"Distance Cap" "outdoor clothing" "mens caps"

Ideal Gear: Berghaus Hydrapak® 3 Litre Hydration System

Stay hydrated on your adventures using the Berghaus Hydrapak® 3 Litre Hydration System. This fully featured hydration pack will ensure your thirst is quenched with a Big Bore tube and a high flow Surge Valve™.

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Ideal Gear: Map Case
Make sure you keep your map clean, safe and visible for when you need it most

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Ideal Gear: Shade Case
Give your sunglasses the protection they offer you on the hill with this Berghaus branded shade case.

"Shade Case" "outdoor accessories"

Ideal Gear: Trek First aid kit
Keep health and safety a priority on your treks and walks with the 28 piece Trek first aid kit

"First aid kit" "outdoor accessories"

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