Choosing a Rucksack

If you’re looking for a new rucksack, then you’re in safe hands – we’ve been designing award-winning rucksacks for over 40 years and have revolutionised rucksack design many times.

The first two most important things to consider when choosing a rucksack are:

  • What activities will you mainly use the rucksack for?  Long expeditions, walking, travelling, skiing?
  • How much weight will you want to carry in it?

Depending on your answer to the above, you’ll be looking at choosing one of three main types of rucksack:

  • Load-carrying rucksacks
  • Daysacks
  • Travel sacks.

Load-carrying rucksacks
Load-carrying rucksacks are usually over 40 litres in capacity and are ideal if you’re planning on carrying a heavy load (over 10kg).

Load-carrying rucksacks have a hip belt to distribute weight evenly and an internal frame to stop the rucksack sagging.

The type of activity you have planned, your budget and personal preference will all affect which back system you choose in your rucksack.  Our Bioflex™ and Biofit™ back systems offer great freedom of movement and weight distribution when you’re carrying heavy loads.

Did you know:
Berghaus was the first company in Europe to make a rucksack with an internal frame?  The Cyclops in 1974.

Generally, daysacks are less than 40 litres in capacity and don’t include an internal frame, making them unsuitable for heavy loads but great for use on a short trip or day on the hill.

There’s a wide choice of daysacks available so, before starting to look, think about your answer to the first question above – ‘What activities will you mainly use the rucksack for?’ – and you’ll get a good indication of what type of daysack you should choose.

You’ll also need to consider what additional features you want your daysack to have – for example, does it need a waterproof cover, or does it need to be compatible with hydration packs?

You can browse our range of daysacks by the type of activity they are designed for by clicking here.

Did you know: Berghaus revolutionised daysack design by creating the Freeflow back system, which greatly reduces the problem of a sweaty back in warm weather by allowing air to circulate between your back and the rucksack?  We’ve also launched the Freeflow Pro, which has a lightweight aluminium frame and a streamlined design for added stability.  See how the Freeflow and Freeflow Pro back systems work.

Travel sacks
If you’re planning a trip away – perhaps a gap year, or a longer holiday with plenty of travel – you have some great choices in our travel sack range:

Rugged and dependable, our Mule is a ‘holdall’ style bag with LoadLink straps that allow you to change how you carry your bag – as a normal rucksack or by the handles, like a sports bag.

The ideal travel sack for longer trips such as gap years.  All of the bags in our Jalan range have a detachable daysack, meaning you can spend the day exploring without taking your larger rucksack.  They all feature the adjustable Biofit® back system to keep you comfortable, and a whole range of other travel friendly features.

Specialist sacks
If you’re heading out for some serious mountain or winter activities, then our Extrem range of sacks are ideal.  Many are designed for a particular purpose such as climbing or heavy load carrying and have simple yet innovative features, and are designed using input from our team of sponsored athletes.