Freeflow Improved

Since the 1990s, Berghaus Freeflow packs have been firm favourites with walkers around the world. Over the years, the Freeflow system has been refined and improved, always delivering the promise of airflow ventilation while in use. Spring/summer 2014 sees the arrival of the latest generation of Freeflow rucksacks, at 40, 30, 25 and 20 litres in capacity.

freeflow 25

Three key improvements have been made to the Freeflows:


  • Comfort. An anatomically pre-moulded frame improves the overall comfort of the pack.
  • Fit. Freeflows now use the Berghaus BIOFIT™ ‘on the move’ adjustable back system (included in 30L and 40L models).
  • Packability. The gap between the back and the pack has been narrowed slightly. It still allows highly efficient airflow when in use on the hill, but with the added benefit that the Freeflow is easier to pack.

freeflow 25


Berghaus has also made other refinements and extensive testing has demonstrated that the wearer is much cooler and more comfortable when using the new generation, when compared to competitors’ packs and the last generation of Freeflows. Anna Gatta tested a women’s Freeflow pack while supporting husband Philippe’s attempt to run The Great Himalayan Trail in September 2013. She covered hundreds of miles on very challenging terrain and in extreme weather conditions, and reported back on the Freeflow in very favourable terms.