Berghaus become first UK brand to join bluesign® system



In 2015 the World Economic Forum(1) declared water scarcity as the top global societal risk for the next 10 years, recognising the enormous pressures increasing populations and industrialisation are putting on a very limited resource. This declaration is very relevant to the textile industry which is heavily reliant on water.


It is a highly water intensive industry both in terms of extraction and pollution, with an estimated 20% of global industrial water pollution coming from the treatment and dyeing of textiles alone(2). It is therefore vital we work with suppliers that manage water in the cleanest and most efficient way to minimise our impact on the water systems in the regions we operate.


In order to do that Berghaus are proud to announce today that they have become the first British brand to join the bluesign® system. bluesign® is an initiative holding stakeholders in the textile industry to the highest standards for consumer and worker safety, chemical management and environmental protection.

bluesign® works via a system of production facility audits and certification starting at the very beginning of the supply chain with the chemical suppliers; approving only the safest chemistry. Manufacturers are then audited to ensure they use certified chemicals, handle them safety and minimise their emissions to the air, water and land. This way brands buying certified fabrics and components do so safe in the knowledge that they have been made in a responsible manner.


As a customer you will be soon be able find numerous products in our range which contain bluesign® approved fabrics, a number which will increase as we aim for 70% of our products to contain a bluesign® approved fabric for our spring/summer 2016 collection.

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2-World Bank, World Development Indicators