Berghaus feature in Coast’s ‘Test the Best’


Two of our products have featured in March’s Coast magazine. Their ‘Test the Best’ section takes an in-depth look reviewing a number of different products within certain categories. Here’s more information about the two items that they covered in their upcoming edition.


Walking Jackets


The first of our two products featured was the Berghaus Scafell Jacket.


Special Features – Insulated with Hydrodown (tested in Antarctica and Greenland!) is extremely light in weight and resistant to water.


Performance – For such a light jacket it is very warm, even in winter!


Both the Men’s and Women’s version of this jacket are in our end of season sale.

scafell jackets



Walking Boots


Our second featured product was the Berghaus Explorer Trek Plus Boots.


Special Features – This extremely popular, classic walking boot comes with engineered flex and a lightweight EVA midsole that provide shock absorbing and comfort qualities. They also come complete with Gore-Tex lining.


Performance – A very comfortable and hard-wearing product. The boot provides good foot support without being too heavy on your feet. Waterproof and very comfortable. Grips well on slippery ground.


You can find the Men’s and Women’s version of this boot on our website.

explorer trek ridge boots