5 Tips For Making Your Music Festivals Eco-Friendly This Summer

Let’s face it, festivals are fun; you get to spend time outdoors with friends and listen to great music. However, there is a darker side to festivals, and that is the impact our environmental footprint leaves.

At Glastonbury this year, nearly all of the tents were taken home in a new record for the festival.

However, a 2017 survey discovered that campsite waste contributed to 86% of the total waste of a festival. It is now clear, it’s time for festival-goers to become more eco-conscious and considerate, and ensure that they are doing what they can to reduce their environmental impact.

Here are our five ways to ensure you can be the most sustainable you this festival season.

Reliable and reusable waterproof jackets

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Ditch the ponchos!

After-all if you’re going to a British gig, you’ll be lucky to avoid a smattering of rain. Consider purchasing a reliable waterproof jacket, rather than single use plastic ponchos.

The benefits to a strong waterproof jacket, means the technology in the jacket will not only keep you dryer, for longer, but also allow you to breath underneath. Plus, you can use it year after year, and be part of the push to reduce single use plastic.

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A strong and durable tent

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It can be all too tempting to discard a tent at the end of a festival. After all, it’s easy to pick up a tent for under £20 and, after a weekend at a festival, the last thing on many revelers’ minds is fighting to pack away and transport a muddy and possibly damaged tent all the way home.

But leaving your tent behind can cause devastation to the environment and it puts huge strain on festival resources, as workers spend days dismantling and sorting through the tents that have been dumped.

As a festival goer, you can become more eco-savvy by always ensuring that you buy a strong and durable tent, that will withstand any conditions, in order to take your tent home with you after every event.

It may be worth investing in a sturdy, quality tent that you can use again and again – the more you invest the more likely you are to look after it!

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Say no to single use plastic!

Summer Festivals, Festivals, Girls at festival, Festival style, eco-friendly festivals

Invest in reusable eating and drinking receptacles, like a water bottle.

It’s estimated that over one million bottles of water are consumed over the four days that Glastonbury is open to the public. This whopping figure equates to an enormous amount of plastic wastage.

Luckily, it can be reduced if you take your own reusable water bottle. You can pick one up online, from your local supermarket or even on-site. All festivals have taps located throughout the grounds. Not only will this reduce the amount of waste you produce, but it will also save you plenty of money in the long run.

Friendly fleeces for festivals

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Right now, we are bringing you our most environmentally friendly gear yet, while continuing to deliver the newest innovations that make us leaders in performance.

While we take care to run lower-energy offices and are passionate about our charity partnerships, we know that manufacturing is where outdoors brands create their biggest impacts – and can make the most meaningful improvements. That’s why we research, develop and invest in new eco-friendly materials, find emission reducing production processes, and work hard to minimise our impact at every stage in a product’s life-cycle from its design and production through to its use and disposal.

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Pack it in, pack it up

Following the waste rules that you would use on a hiking trail is another easy way to keep the impact of festivals low.

A large waterproof rucksack will allow you to pack up all your belongings, making sure that everything you bring in to the camp grounds leaves with you. An additional step could be taking your recyclables home with you.

It would certainly be more work and occupy more space in your vehicle but makes a small and positive impact on the environment.

We have an array of rucksacks with handy compartments so whilst you’re at the festivals your clean and dirty items won’t be mixed up.

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