The ICEMAN Polar Race 2016

Berghaus are proud sponsors of the ICEMAN Polar 2016, an extreme 100km adventure race across the frozen landscape of North East Greenland. Bordering the world’s largest frozen fjord and the world’s largest national park, this stunning location is also one of the most remote areas of the high arctic region and is sure to push competitors to their limit.
Using a combination of cross country skiing and Nordic ski racing to get them through each of the challenging daily routes, competitors will endure subzero temperatures in this ultimate test of skill and endurance.

The Kit

To help protect them from the elements, Berghaus have provided competitors and guides with high performance insulated jackets from the Extrem range . The Ramche Jacket is lightweight and gives exceptional warmth in even the coldest conditions, while the Ulvetanna Hybrid is built for more active use, with areas of more breathable insulation. Both jackets feature Berghaus’ revolutionary Hydrodown technology and use body mapping techniques to put warmth where it’s needed most.
The four-day race is operated by Tangent Expeditions, a company that both Berghaus and Leo Houlding have worked closely with on several occasions to arrange expeditions, product testing trips and photoshoots.
The race begins this Friday, April 15th, and we’ll be following closely, so look out for daily updates on our Facebook page!
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The updates as we get them…


Communication and internet access can be a challenge in remote areas of Greenland however we aim to keep you updated with all the on goings of the ICEMAN Polar Arctic race as it happens.
Thursday 14th

All competitors arrived yesterday in unusually warm weather for this time of year, with no wind and where the daytime maximum temperature rose to 0’c. Will this lead them into a false sense of security though?


The rest of yesterday afternoon and early evening was spent in briefings and general familiarisation with group equipment and safety protocols, before settling down to a comfortable night at –8’c. Today the teams will be testing all their equipment, hooking themselves up to their pulk sleds for the first time and taking part in various training sessions ready for the race to begin at 8am tomorrow morning!