Heading north for steep lines & first descents!

Photo Credit: Marcus Waring

Berghaus sponsored skiers and climbers Michelle Blaydon and Ross Hewitt are preparing for an expedition to northern Canada to explore, climb and ski new lines.  Blaydon and Hewitt have teamed up with fellow British ski mountaineer Tom Grant and Canadian Marcus Waring for the month long adventure on Baffin Island, and will leave the UK on 18 April.

With its billion year old rock architecture, Baffin Island provides some of the most dramatic steep couloirs in the world that are yet to be explored and skied.  Blaydon, Hewitt, Grant and Waring will start their expedition in the north east of the island and travel to their first base camp in the Gibbs Fjord area.  From there, they will seek out the type of steep lines to ski that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The team knows that getting to and from the area will be dependent on the condition of sea ice, which usually starts breaking up from the end of May.  Their intention is to travel south from Gibbs Fjord through Stewart Valley to Beluga Spire, Great Cross Peak and Sam Ford Wall.


Michelle comments:

“There are few places on earth that offer ski mountaineering terrain anything like that found on Baffin Island.  Sadly, the ice pack is melting, so the chances to ski some of these lines are fast disappearing.  We want to take this exciting opportunity while we can and experience the amazing environment up there in northern Canada.”

Michelle and Ross will be putting the latest Berghaus kit to the test during their expedition, as well as prototypes being developed for future collections.  Both athletes have been working closely with the product teams behind  our most technical ranges of clothing, footwear and equipment.

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