Keeping the Sunshiney Happiness

Nurse, adventurer and Berghaus ambassador Iona Rendall shares her tips on finding the light in the darkest of times 

It’s truly heartwarming to see the ways in which people are coming together to unite during the current situation. More than ever we are now relying on social media to genuinely maintain social connections at a time when we can’t physically see one another. Whether it’s friends, family, loved ones or adventure buddies we are all missing someone right now. We’ll all cope with this in different ways and it’s important to remember that what works for one person may not work for another and that’s absolutely okay.

If you follow my usual outdoor adventures you’ll know that I love exploring in the Scottish mountains. It’s my head space and being able to enjoy that with like minded people is so important to me. I usually share photos and videos on social media of the #SunshineyHappiness from my outdoor adventures. However it’s not just about the sun from the mountain tops, it also refers to finding some kind of light even in the darkest moments. That feels more appropriate than ever right now especially when we can’t go on our usual outdoor adventures.

So how can we maintain some kind of #SunshineyHappiness when we’re self isolating at home or limited to local walks from our front door? Here’s a few of my suggestions that I’ve found helpful so far:

Make a plan of productivity

Make a list of things you want or need to do whether it’s home renovations or finally following an online yoga tutorial. When you start ticking off those tasks or goals it will automatically fill you with a sense of achievement and purpose

Plan some future adventures

This is the ideal time to consider the places you really want to go and the things you want to do. We may not be able to travel right now but start researching the wonderful places you’ve always wanted to explore. All those travel blogs you promised yourself you would get round to reading? Now is that time!

Local litter pick

We’re all limited to enjoying walks closer to home. Why not try collecting any litter you find along the way. Not only will it help you to appreciate your local area but it should help you to feel a little bit more productive.

Share some of your favourite adventure memories

Just because you can’t make new memories in the mountains doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of the amazing experiences we’ve already had. If your camera roll is full of photos you haven’t got round to sharing yet then this could be a good time to really reflect on your favourite adventures. You might end up inspiring someone else’s future plans!

Stay connected

There are so many ways to keep in contact with one another. Whether it’s via social media apps, video calls or even writing someone a letter! Letting someone know that you’re thinking about them could really make their day as well as remind you that you’re not in this alone.

Get creative and stay active

You could try some home workouts, cook meals from countries you hope to visit one day or hike the equivalent height of your favourite mountain using your stairs. There are so many ways to stay healthy and active if you choose to do so.

Stop comparing yourself

Remember that everyone is experiencing this differently and on a day where the rest of the world seems motivated and energised you may just want to chill out. That’s absolutely okay and it’s not something to feel guilty about. It’s important to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. You will never again experience a time when we’re encouraged to stay at home so use this time to really recharge your batteries.

This lockdown period really has made me appreciate my outdoor adventures so much more! Yes I’m missing it a lot at the moment but I will be so much more grateful for our wild outdoor spaces when I’m eventually able to explore the mountains again. I hope we’ll have learnt to respect and protect it more than ever as well as appreciating the memories that we get to make with like minded people. For now I’m sharing some alternative #SunshineyHappiness and I hope you can also see the rays of light during this dark period. If not then please reach out and know that you are not alone.


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