5 podcasts to bring the outdoors in

Need to satisfy your outdoor fix? We get that it’s not all that easy right now, so we’re bringing the outside in with a list of our favourite podcasts that’ll stream nature’s sweet sounds right into your ear drums.

It took a load of self-discipline to narrow this list down to five, but we’ve settled on a batch that bring you epic stories from the adventure community that’ll inspire you with first hand accounts of their capers into wild places.

Grab a brew, get stuck in and don’t climb the walls….

Factor Two

Some seriously good stories from the climbing world. Check out ep 4 where Berghaus’ Leo Houlding talks us through his unthinkable accent of El Capitan. Leo was just 18 when he headed off to Yosemite with huge ambitions but only a little big wall experience – with more than a few world-first ascents under his belt, it’s fair to say he’s come a long way.

Leo Houlding Ep’s here:


Link to podcast is here: https://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/podcasts/


Terra Incognita: The Adventure Podcast

Raw, energetic and authentic. True tales of inspirational adventures from our friends at Coldhouse Collective. Filmmaker Matt Pycroft allows you to get up close (not literally!) to pioneers of exploration and discovery. You’ll laugh, you might cry, you’ll definitely be inspired.

Link to the podcast is here https://theadventurepodcast.co.uk/


The Outdoor Fix

A whole host of interviews with incredible people who’ve changed their lives to make more of the outdoors. Squeezed in between the adventure chat is the pure sound of nature; leaves blowing, waves crashing, leaves rustling. Close your eyes and you’re there. Listen out for Iona Rendall’s uplifting ep, she’s a great friend of Berghaus and will bring her inimitable #SunshineyHappiness right into your day.

Iona Ep here and losts more stories within a click https://theoutdoorsfix.com/iona-rendall-the-ordinary-adventurer-motivating-thousands-to-get-hiking-outdoors/


Of Mountains and Minds

When better to lean on the wise words of those who’ve endured a life changing event, transition or challenge? In these uncertain times this podcast feels like a steady bet for wise words on resilience, perseverance and dealing with change. It shines a brilliant light on how adventures, big or small, can help with the ups and downs that come with the package of being human. We can’t rate it enough.

Listen to the podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/caroline-mckay-145065226


Jack Crack Climbing Podcast

A podcast recco without Sheffield based (Ireland born) climber Niall Grimes podcast is not a podcast recco. Fact. We could wax lyrical about this little wonder but we reckon its best to keep this short and sweet and let you get stuck in. Hit play for chats with characters form the UK and international scene and listen out for the Ep ft Berghaus’ Mick Fowler – a true climbing icon.

Shortcut to Mick’s Ep here

Get stuck into the full podcast here: http://www.niallgrimes.com/jam-crack-climbing-podcast/

Got a recommendation you want to get on our radar? Leave a message in the comments below, we’re well up for giving something new a listen #ClimbingTheWalls