5 apps to bring the outdoors in

Climbing the walls? We reckon a little app admin session could be in order. To help you on your way we’ve made a list of our go-to apps along with a recommendation on why we think you might want to make space for them.


The clever crew at What3Words divided the entire globe up into a grid of 3x3m squares and gave every single one of them a unique three-word address. Let us give you an example, Ben Nevis = marble.messaging.hacksaw and Snowdon summit = remarked.adjusting.spot

Get the gist? Not only is the hunt for a quirky three-word combo a little bit addictive the app also comes with a whole load of useful inbuilt functionality, also allowing you to discover 3 word addresses for your favourite outdoor spot, find a 3 word address wherever you are in the world and explore virtually using 3 word addresses your friends send to you.

iOS and Android https://what3words.com/daring.lion.race


Life in lockdown makes you take stock of the stuff that’s on your to-do list and this handy little app helps you to document everything you want to, well, accomplish. Brimming with loads of different ways to set bucket-lists and objectives this app is like a little pep talk in your pocket and a sure-fire way to help you make sure the important stuff happens.

Get it on iOS https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/accomplish/id1183043290


Hit the unwind button with guided meditations that play alongside the gentle sounds of the outdoors. With a free week-long trial this wonder of an app serves up a daily mindfulness fix that’s based around your own personal goals – be it better sleep, reduced stress, improved productivity or increased happiness. You’ll also get access to a whole back catalogue of calm inducing content including music, meditation and celeb narrated stories. It’s a great big digital exhale.

iOS and Android: https://www.calm.com/


Tune into the sun with this handy little app that takes your location and lets you sync with sunrise, sunset, first and last light times. It’s a great one for photography fans – for timing your shot count with golden hour but brilliant too for everyone thinking about the optimal time to use up their daily outing to stretch your legs in the company of your favourite kind of rays.

Get it on iOS: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/sunrise-sunset-times/id891154864


Is an app list even an app list without OS Maps? This clever bit of kit brings more than 600 brilliantly detailed Great Britain maps directly to your fingertips. You can find local routes nearby or plot something further afield for the future with hundreds and thousands of ready-made routes for you to rummage through. The app works across the web and mobile devices and comes with loads of premium bolt-ons making it all the mapping you’ll ever need.

iOS, Android and web: https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/ 

Got an app recommendation you want to get on our radar? Leave a message in the comments below, we’re well up for giving something new a listen #ClimbingTheWalls