Karen Darke

Impossible? Getting in a good mental zone for performance

Berghaus athlete Karen Darke shares her advice about how to mentally prepare for competitions and …

Success On The Roof of the World

Karen Darke takes us on the 'Friendship Trail' from Lhasa to Kathmandu

The mountains are calling

The friendship trail - 5 women - 8 passes - 1 handbike

my motivational ways

Karen Darke - talks us through what keeps her pushing

High Altitude Handbiking…

Karen Darke prepares to fulfill her dream of handbiking from Tibet to Nepal

Karen Darke’s ‘Inner Warrior’

What’s the motivation to keep on dedicating endless hours to one thing?

That thing in your blood…

If you don't commit to something 100% will you make a success of it?

Live for Adventure…

‘Live for Adventure’ – in case you hadn’t noticed – is the Berghaus strapline. This …