Cotopaxi or Blencathra. What is your favourite mountain in the world?

Gave Ding
Mick Fowler – An award-winning British mountaineer and author
Gave Ding on the Nepal/Tibet border.” It’s my most recent Himalayan climb and is freshest in my mind. But with luck this year’s climb will replace it as my favourite in October.

Sam Hamer – Ambitious Rock Climber
Cotopaxi (5895m) in Equador. I chose this because it was quite an achievement when I was only 15 years old and I did this with the rest of my family! I was a full Hamer ascent! Its also a stunning mountain with a perfect cone shape, not technically difficult but long and committing.
Cotopaxi in the clear
Photo by Dave Lonsdale
Angelika Rainer – World Champion Ice Climber
Rosengarten (German for rosen garden) in South Tyrol. This is the most beautiful mountain I know, it is visible from the city of Bolzano. There is a nice legend, according to which this mountain once was a garden of roses, before it was bewitched and became stone. I loved this story as a child and when I climb this mountain a few years ago it was one of my nicest summit experiences, although the climb was easy.

Molly Thompson Smith – Climber and youngest member of the Berghaus team
Hmm I don’t have much experience with mountains… but aesthetics wise I think that Mount Huang in China is a pretty cool looking mountain! :p

Steve Birkinshaw – Veteran Mountain Runner
Blencathra in the Lake District. I can see the south face with its five ridges coming down from my house. It draws me to it and makes me want to run up it.
Taken from Castlerigg Stone Circle
Photo by Andrew Wilkinson