Mick Fowler’s Hagshu Mountain Kit List


Following on from Mick Fowler’s successful summit of Hagshu (6687m) last October, he has put together a ‘Mountain Kit List’ with all the gear he used in the Himalayas on his iconic climb alongside Paul Ramsden. Below you can find out which items Mick took with him, along with a few of his comments about each one.


Outer Shell – Kanchenjunga II

“I like a resilient shell that will protect me if the weather gets really gnarly. On a multi-day Himalayan route you never know.”


Down Jacket – Men’s Ramche 850 Fill Hydrodown Jacket

“A superb piece of kit, excellent warmth to weight ratio. Hydrodown minimises wet down problems, can’t praise this enough.”


Warm Jacket – Ulvetanna Hybrid Hydrodown

“A cosy mix of hydrodown and synthetic insulation. Well cut for warmth and technical climbing.”


Emergency Layer – VapourLight HyperTherm

“It’s not designed for Himalayan action but it’s so light and versatile that we took one along anyway. Paul took less top layers than me and he used it on the summit ridge.”


Base Layer – Long sleeve zip neck technical T shirt

“I personally like the zip neck as it means I can ventilate more when being baked by the Himalayan sun.”


Mid Layer –  Smoulder II

“I like a chest pocket to put my contact lenses in so opted for the Smoulder II. The fit is good and they are long enough to not risk coming untucked when stretching while doing technical climbing.”


Hat – Powerstretch Balaclava and Beanie


Rucksack – Expedition Light

“Brilliant light, hard-working sack. Suitable for short sections of hauling so it is ideal for technical climbs. I used to use the 80L version but with kit becoming more and more compact I now find I can get away with a 60L rucksack.”


Bottom Shell –  Velum Gore-Tex Trousers

“Light Gore-Tex with kick patches. It’s arguable that a more resilient fabric would be better for multi-day routes but that would compromise weight so I just take care. As I get older maybe and more clumsy, I’ll go for a slightly heavier, stronger pair.”


Base Layer – Thermal Tights


Mittens – Ulvetanna Hydrodown Mitt

“I suffer from cold hands and have always used mittens in the greater ranges. On Hagshu I used bespoke mittens made for me by Berghaus. I take Ulvetanna Hydorodown Mittens and make the decision whether or not to take them on the climb when I can assess how cold it is likely to be. When I judge it is cold enough to take them, they can double up as down boots.”


Finger Gloves – Powerstretch Gloves


You can find all of these items on www.berghaus.com