The Next Chapter – Mick Fowler – Kendal Mountain Festival

Greeting people at Kendal Mountain Festival, to the unassuming passer-by, you wouldn’t clock that Mick Fowler has been through major surgery, only a matter of weeks ago.

Those who know about Mick’s recent cancer treatment rush over to ask, ‘how are you?’ and ‘is everything ok?’

Micks energetic and positive outlook is remarkable for a man who less than three weeks ago underwent an eight-and-a-half-hour operation. He has a clear determination that 2019 will be very different to the past 18 months, since he retired.

Whilst retirement may have not got off to the best start, it’s clear Mick isn’t going to sit back, feet up and stop challenging himself. At Kendal Mountain Festival Mick spoke about his new book: No Easy Way – subtitled the Challenging Life of the Climbing Taxman. Interestingly, a book about balancing the “challenges of working, mountaineering, family, and ultimately wanting to get out and explore more.”

Micks immediate future is full of exciting plans, “my intention is to do more fell running and more rock-climbing, because both are ways of exploring areas of the UK I continue to enjoy discovering”.

“I initially started fell running to keep fit and focused, it was something more than just ‘going-for-a-run’, it had elements of nature that road running doesn’t have. There’s an eccentric side of fell running, and the people who participate…some could say the same about mountaineering. It’s the eccentricity that appeals to me. Aside from fell running, other activities are about being an adventurous outing, rather than a climb.”

Mick adds, “I need my Himalayan fix, so me and Vic [Saunders] are going next April. We don’t broadcast exactly where we’re going in advance, but it’s an exciting objective.”

This will be the third attempt Mick and Vic will have made to get to the Himalaya, due to the cancer diagnosis and treatment, but they do say “third time lucky”.

Asking Mick if releasing a new book, fell running, rock-climbing and preparing for a trip to the Himalaya was going to be a tough balancing act, he simply replied: “I take the view that retirement is restarting from when I got off my back 2½ weeks ago” and nothing is being left undone.

“There’s so many things to see and do. Witness the world and explore further than the UK.”

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