Meet Everyday Adventurer Jasper Ribbers


Greetings from Rio de Janeiro! My name is Jasper and I am your Everyday Adventurer for December. In 2010 at the age of 32, I decided to quit my finance career to pursue a life-long dream: to travel the world full-time. It wasn’t an easy decision and I had no back-up plan, but four years and over 50 countries later it turned out the best decision I ever made.


So what is it that made me leave everything behind?

I’ve always had a strong curiosity for the world. Its cultures, its people and its places. I wanted to have the freedom to explore and discover. To be free to take opportunities as they come along and make spontaneous decisions to travel to any location in the world. I didn’t want to risk growing old with the regret of never having tried to fulfill this dream.


Bali Temple


My favorite destinations are outside of the western world, where things aren’t the way they are at home. Where people have different customs, ideas and views. Being exposed to these broadens my horizon and inspires me to question my own beliefs and assumptions.


My favorite continents are South America and Asia. My favorite destinations are Brazil and The Philippines. Although very far apart in terms of location, I feel that their people are very similar. They exude a lot of positive energy and face life with a smile.



I love being in or on the water and enjoy a wide variety water sports such as as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, sailing, rafting and kayaking. The abundance of empty space on the water gives me a sense of freedom that I really enjoy.



On land my favorite activities are skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Being Dutch, I also love being on a bicycle and when I’m back home in The Netherlands I always go for a ride through a nearby forrest. I also enjoy various forms of extreme sports, such as skydiving and parasailing.


In the coming month I will be sharing some of my favorite adventures and places with you. These include hiking a volcano in Iceland, skiing in the French Alps as well as some cultural experiences that have inspired me the most to travel. Stay tuned!