Leo Houlding on The Discovery Channel


Our main Berghaus athlete Leo Houlding is playing a starring role in an all new TV series called ‘Lost Worlds’ set to be aired tonight at 9pm on the Discovery channel.


Berghaus adventurer Leo Houlding and biologist Monty Halls travelled to the rainforests of Guyana and the Mulu caves in Borneo for their new show Lost Worlds. The new series charts Monty’s escapades with explorer, survival expert and pioneering climber Leo Houlding to some of the world’s furthest flung corners.


The idea behind the series was to see if genuine exploration still exists. Are there still areas of the world so remote that just a handful of people can reach them?Throughout 2014 Leo and Monty put it to the test, making extraordinary expeditions in South America and Borneo where they discovered new species, found legendary geographic features, and became the first people to measure two supposedly mythical waterfalls.


Don’t miss it on TV starting tonight at 9pm on the Discovery channel!