Trango or Lightning – What would you choose?


Steve Birkinshaw – Veteran Mountain Runner
In 1988 (aged 20) I was given a Berghaus Trango jacket for a birthday present by my parents. I had never had a proper waterproof before and it made all the difference at keeping me warm and dry. To start with I was a bit concerned about the bright yellows and reds on it but I came to really like them. In 1990 and 1991 I went on a round-the-world trip with my girlfriend and future wife, Emma. A week into our trip we were in the Grand Canyon and went for a days hike along the rim. It was hot so we left waterproofs in the tent. On our return we discovered Chipmunks had been in our tent searching for food. One had chewed a whole in the left arm of my Trango jacket. I was very upset. I carried on wearing the jacket until 1998 but I never patched over the Chipmunk hole; I am not sure why. It was a sad day when I eventually threw away my Berghaus Trango Jacket; I had many great adventures wearing it
Trango jacket
Trango Jacket

Mick Fowler – An award-winning British mountaineer and author
My Berghaus Lightning jacket which accompanied me on so many memorable climbs in the 1980s.


Molly Thompson Smith – Climber and youngest member of the Berghaus team
My favourite jacket is the Popena Down Jacket – it’s unbelievably comfortable! It’s great to wear at the wall when I’m training, but also great outdoors. It’s good for keeping me warm but is also good when it’s raining as it uses water-resistant hydrodown! I’ve also got a brillaint bright blue colour.
Molly Thompson-Smith - Berghaus athlete and member of the GB Climbing Team 2
Molly wearing her “brillaint bright blue” Popena