[Infographic] Mick Fowler’s Sersank Expedition


The Mick and Vic Reunion Expedition.

Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders have set off on their next expedition. This is the first expedition the pair has done together in 29 years their last climb together was the first ascent of the Golden Pillar of Spantik (Pakistan) in 1987, before they went their separate ways.
The climbing duo now have their sights on the unclimbed north face of the remote Sershank 6100m.

Manali – Rhotang Pass


Part of the journey is taken through the dangerous roads of the Rhotang Pass. Mick is no stranger to these roads having climbed many times in the Himalayas and on one of his recent expeditions he took this video just to show us these hazardous roads…

The Kit

Mick will be taking his beloved Ramche 2.0 along with two prototype jackets for testing which are not yet released by Berghaus.
Check out Mick’s Kit List

How to acclimatise for heights of 6000+m

Before leaving Mick left details of his 10 day acclimatisation plans for this expedition (also explaining what it is and why it is important).
Read Mick’s 10 day acclimatisation plan