In this hectic life – what drives you to succeed?

Sam Hamer – Ambitious Rock Climber
The feeling of climbing something hard or dangerous is amazing

Mick Fowler – An award-winning British mountaineer and author
The pleasure and satisfaction I get from achieving what I have set out to do.

Angelika Rainer – World Champion Ice Climber
The basic engine for me is that I love climbing. I have always been an ambitious person and I like to try to do my best in competitions and measure myself with others but also on outdoor projects I’m always motivated to try to push my level or to work on my weaknesses.

Molly Thompson Smith – Climber and youngest member of the Berghaus team
My parents have always told me to give 100% in everything I do and try so trying to be the best that I can be, and doing the best that I can do is something I’ve always aimed for. I’m a determined person and like to have things to aim for and progress towards – having goals in climbing gives me that.

Steve Birkinshaw – Veteran Mountain Runner
I am a naturally competitive person. When I do something I will always push myself to the limit because I enjoy doing so and I want to see how far and fast I can go.