#GirlsWhoClimb: Molly Thompson-Smith encourages more girls to give climbing a go!

In line with International Women’s Day we teamed up with our brand ambassador Molly Thompson-Smith to encourage more girls to give climbing a go!

A group of lucky ladies (braved the Beast from the East and) met up with the Team GB climber last week in order to reach new heights on the climbing wall.

Learning the Ropes

The British athlete is among the IFSC’s top ten climbers in the world, and so was the perfect person to help the female bloggers find their feet at the event, held at the Westway Sports & Fitness Centre in London.

After hearing all about the professional climber’s inspirational career, the five bloggers were shown some top tips and techniques, before taking to the wall to try it out for themselves.

In an earlier interview with Molly she gives this piece of advice to anyone that is thinking of getting started…

“For women who want to give the sport a try, I say go to your local climbing wall, hire a pair of shoes and just have a go. You’ve got a nice soft mat to land on and you don’t have to have climbed anything in your life to get started – you will gain skills as you go along.
There’s a dedicated women’s climbing group at my local wall and you can find those all over the country. My top tip is to grab a girlfriend and get along to a wall – and try everything that the boys are trying on the wall too!”

See below for some highlights from the day, including posts from the five bloggers: Poppy Cross, Annie and Rach from Two Brits, Ellie from The Wandering Quinn and Eilidh from Mummy and Monkeys.

Beast from the East didn’t stop me getting to the top last night! 👅. . . Such an awesome evening bundled up in @berghausofficial fleece to keep me warm in these crazily cold conditions! Think I’ll be wearing these fleeces only until BFTE has departed… ❄️ . . . . I’ve only climbed once and don’t know why I haven’t done it more because it is SO FUN!! You have to have complete focus which forces you to get outside your head and just be in the moment. It’s an amazing way to de-stress, workout and hang out with your pals. I arrived feeling flat but left on a high. . . .Over the last two days cramping in my calf has stopped me from running 🤦‍♀️. Luckily I have @nrgsportstherapy looking after me and with some rest i should be good to run next week. The climbing was a great distraction from deviating from my London marathon training. Hoping to come back stronger ASAP!

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Not the best picture, BUT I was at the top of a climbing wall, trying to balance and take a selfie with my phone, so I don’t think it’s too bad. At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to do more things that scare me. Since becoming a Mum I developed a bit of a fear of heights which I had never had before. So when @berghausofficial asked me if I wanted to go to @westway_climbing have a go and pick up some tips from @mollyts123 I thought why not. I was worried I might be a bit rusty as I haven’t done any climbing for years, but I did regret saying yes for a few minutes when looking at the height of the climbing walls. The first climb up, I wished I could have climbed it with my eyes shut, but I got to the top, leaned back and looked at the ground as I came back down. The second climb was a lot better and I found myself wanting to push a bit harder going on to trying a single colour on the way up and then a couple of trickier climbs. I actually really enjoyed it and climbing is definitely something I would like to do again. #ad #girlsthatclimb #climbwithberghaus #pushyourself #dosomethingthatscaresyou #lifecloseup #fitmum

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