Biltong or flapjacks what is your favourite adventure food?

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Sam Hamer – Ambitious Rock Climber
Biltong! A South African dried meat that is amazing!
Tuna Biltong!
Photo by bob walker
Angelika Rainer – World Champion Ice Climber
might be a homemade sandwich with ham or speck, which is a local South Tyrollean smoked pork meat.

Molly Thompson Smith – Climber and youngest member of the Berghaus team
The rare times I am outside, I do love to eat flapjacks – they’re super easy little foods to nibble on. As well as this, they taste really sugary which is always a bonus if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me! Otherwise it’d be porridge… Oats for power!
Photo by Alistar Young

Mick Fowler – An award-winning British mountaineer and author
Anything that is light and edible. My least favourite is freeze dried porridge but I persevere as the packet tells me it will give me lots of energy.
Freeze dried food
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Steve Birkinshaw – Veteran Mountain Runner
Whilst I am running I do not think any food tastes particular nice. It is really just a matter of eating anything that I can digest and does not make me feel sick. For a really long run the more I can eat the more calories that are inside me and the faster I go.