Athletes Hangout

Our athletes are a sociable bunch and three of them got to go climbing together recently. Philippe and Anna Gatta hooked up with Ross Hewitt, back from his Baffin Island expedition, to do some climbing at Foron Crag.


Ross hewitt climbing foron crag

Philippe’s Comments:
It was definitively a nice climbing day after a long period of rain. I think for the 3 of us it was a good opportunity to train on sport routes, something we haven’t done in a while with all others activities; expedition, ski, trail running, alpinism, etc. We will continue to mix trail running, alpinism and rock climbing to get ready for our next challenges: climbing trip and trail running in California, Madagascar 250km race, etc.


anna gatta climbing foron crag


Gare au Garou, 6b On-sight (OS)
Ascenseur, 7a, OS
Retour de Justin, 7a+ OS
Sarbacane, 7a+ RP
Voyage, 7b 32m, missed OS

Ascenseur, 7a, OS
Retour de Justin, 7a+ OS
Mass-tick, 7c, 1st RP
Tried A Maman Ca, 7c+/8a. Droit au but, 7b and a few others.