Berghaus Moments – athletes share their fondest moments and memories

Gave Ding – Nepal
Mick Fowler – An award-winning British mountaineer and author
At present my fondest mountain memory is on the walk out from Gave Ding in north west Nepal. We had made the first ascent of a wonderful mountain by a line I was really pleased with. As I strolled alone through autumn leaves in dense old growth forest the sun shone beautifully through the trees, retrospective pleasure from the climb flowed over me and I remember it as a very special time.

Molly Thompson Smith – Climber and youngest member of the Berghaus team
My fondest moments have been on team trips where I’ve really bonded with the other team members and made friendships that will hopefully last a long time! I’ve loved having my team members with me at all the competitions I’ve entered to either share my success and celebrate me, or cheer me up after a disappointing performance.
climber molly thompson smith joins berghaus