The Ultimate Trail – Road Book (Section 1)

Photo: Jamie McGuinness

Simikot – Gamgadhi: 90 km, +7560 m, 2 days.

Region: Humla.

Trail & Challenges:

This is an incredibly remote region and as far as you can get from the crowds at Katmandu. The trails across this landscape are not very obvious as almost no trekkers come here making orienting more difficult.

The area of Humla has ancient villages, massive plateaus and the impressive Karnali river gorge. The average altitude of these two days is 2600 m and the highest pass is Margor Lek Bhanjyan at 4143 m. It is not very high but we will be at the beginning of our acclimatization process so even 4000 m might be tough.

Anna and I will try to cover these 90 km in two days. It will be a tough start because of the distance and the total ascent. The region is remote with few foreigners other than development workers visiting the area so self-reliance is key while travelling in this incredible western land.

Gamgadhi, the Mugu district headquarters (photo: Jamie McGuinness)

We are not sure where we will sleep as there are no lodges along the way so we will bivy somewhere in the forest. We will not take a tent or stove as these are too heavy. We will arrive in Gamgadhi (45,000 people), headquarters of the Mugu District.

Weather: The temperature should be pretty high, especially at lower attitude. Hopefully the monsoon will be over however we are not sure so we might have some rain and mud.

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