Steve Birkinshaw – The Dragons Back Race

It is now just four months to the start of the Dragon’s Back Race. Up to now I have been relaxed about this race, really looking forward it, but knowing it is a long time until it starts. Now suddenly the reality of running 35 miles with around 5000m of climb for 5 consecutive days has dawned on me.

For me that sort of distance in a single day or 2 days is no problem but 5 days is a big deal, I am now getting a bit nervous about it. Looking after my body on the first few days will be crucial, any rubbing, niggles etc. will just get worse and worse, making finishing impossible or very painful. Pacing in the race will be really important, I am really competitive, but I need to make sure I run my own race and not try to race other competitors. I want to be running as fast on the last day as the first.

I will write more in future blogs about my preparation for the race, my training and other races I have been doing (plenty of fell races and orienteering). I would like to thanks Berghaus for sponsoring me for the event, they have a really exciting new range of kit and I am looking forward to trying it out in testing race conditions.