Sharing a passion with your kids – Rolfe Oostra

Nothing beats sharing a passion with your kids and I am lucky enough that Ollie (who really had no choice) took to climbing like a duck to water.

The fact he has started to overtake me in grades and strength is just a small price to pay… I clearly taught him well.

With Father’s day approaching I began thinking about the father / son adventures we have been on and some of the proudest times spent I have spent in his company –

Introducing Ollie (aka boywonder) to Alpinism was fun.

Although like most sport climbers around he wasn’t very smiley at 4 am about the walk in.

However once on the rock he rocked! The 9th pitch was graded 5c/6a and in true alpine climbing fashion featured a 25 meter run-out above some very dodgy protection; Ollie didn’t blink and led it in fine style. Proud dad!

Pico Spijeoles 3065m. (Le Grande Diedre: 350 m,D+ 6a, 10 pitches + 2 more pitches at F5 to the summit)

Introducing Ollie to the ice was even more fun!

Ollie scaled F6C with his hands in his pockets “comme un canard à l’eau” . At La Renclusa. Pyrenees.

Proud moment coming up…

Its going to be hard to say “Au Revoir” this September when he heads off with only a one way ticket in his pocket to climb the incredible hot rocks of Krabi and dive in the warm waters of Kho Lipe, (Thailand)… but how proud I am to see his passion for the outdoors and adventure flourish and how lucky I feel to have been able to share some amazing ventures with him that hasn’t been limited to the rock and ice but has taken us to the lofty slopes of Kilimanjaro, and the sandy deserts of the Sahara, Jordan and Egypt.

If you get the chance to pass on what you love to your kids then I can tell you how rewarding it is! BUT be warned, if you teach them well expect a lot of stick as they start to lead the way and you begin to trail behind.