Catch up with Rob Jarman

It’s been a mad few months/weeks. First of all I managed to run 100 miles for the first time. (Check out the feet). I got my feet wet in sea water 70 miles in and suffered the rest. It’s amazing how quick you deteriorate when the pain starts setting in.

Rob Jarman blistered feet after ultra

I then had a few weeks off work and training whilst my feet got sorted. My first few days back at work included being hit by a car on a push bike and then jumping out of a train, so I needed to get myself sorted pretty quickly.

A couple of weeks later I did a few days with Al Lee and his team filming for the Brit rock tour. We did some cool shots with a Hexcopter on my local trails and I’m in the process of finding something pretty dangerous to ride down, watch this space for more info.

Al Lee photogrphing in the lakes

I then went to the Lakes to help Al film Steve Birkinshaws Wainwright challenge. I was just blown away by Steve’s strength of mind and will power. You could see it was hurting after day one and he just cracked on day and night, sunshine, rain and cloud. It was an amazing event to be involved in and something I will never forget. The next time I’m in pain or I’m tired I will just think of Steve and give myself a reality check kick in the arse. Well done. Steve, you are amazing.

Al Lee photographing Steve Birkinshaw

I’d also like to thank Al Lee for taking me on a trip of a lifetime in a helicopter over the Lakes. It was a heli ride to get ariel shots of Steve and his team. Even the pilot was blown away by how good the weather was. To see the lakes from a birds eye view was breath taking. It was great to look down and see the entire Lake District below you and map it all out. I saw some mega potential bike trails too.

AL lee and rob jarman helicopter flight over the lakes

The following week I jetted out to Norway with Berghaus to do a photo shoot with some of the new kit. It was such a laugh hanging out with the team, but the 01.30 starts to summit in time for a Norwegian summer sun set was hard to get my head around. Long days but lots of fun with a great gang in the beautiful mountains and the new kit is looking really cool too.

Looking at the lakes with snow on the mountains

Back home I’m now planning on what to do for the Tour de France this weekend, what is everyone doing?

Ive also got my legs back so I’m putting in the miles for the Berghaus Trail Chase in August. I’ll put my training plan on my next blog. ( I wouldn’t follow it though, I don’t have a clue) Until then I hope everyone has a great tour weekend and enjoy the sun while we still have it.

Ps I’m also back on Facebook. Check out Rob Jarman Berghaus on the athlete pages

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