Mick Fowler – Work, Mountains and Racing

All been a bit hectic this year. Took over as President of the Alpine Club on 1st January and getting my head around the challenges there has been pretty time consuming. The club has a fantastic heritage but I am determined to do more to make it the focal point for all active alpinists. Add to that sorting out a trip to Far West Nepal in October, Tax Office work and family action and it has added up to the first winter since 1976 that I haven’t managed a winter route in Scotland. The shame! I mustn’t let that happen again.

Preparing for a very fine line on an unclimbed 6300m peak in a remote part of Nepal has proved painfully time consuming. Finally it is arranged that I am climbing with Dave Turnbull of BMC fame and at the time of writing, after two changes, the other two team members are still being finalised. Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through all this hassle. I must enjoy it an awful lot.

In the meantime fitness training continues. My theory is that fell racing gets the lower half of my body in trim. Edale Skyline last weekend tested the energy levels and, as last year, I am planning for my annual running high point to be the annual Jura Fell race at the end of May. And now the longer evenings are allowing rock climbing which should prepare the upper part of my body. With luck it will all come together and I’ll be in peak condition ready for October.

Mick Fowler