The Last Supper before attempting the climb

Hungry mountaineers awaiting last supper.
The content is up to the cook but the porters will have carried up large quantities of potatoes, rice, flour, eggs, fresh vegetables and a large range of spices. We may even have one or two live chickens for fresh meat. All will be cooked on a two ring paraffin or gas stove. For Sersank we expect something along the following lines:
Lentil soup with japati and curious inflated pink crisps (They feature regularly but I have never quite worked out what they are.)
Soup ingredients: Lentils, onions, chillies, water, salt, peppercorns, lemon juice.

Main Course
Rice or potatoes
Vegetable curry. Ingredients to include a selection of cauliflower, kumara, carrot, canned tomatoes, garlic, ginger, curry powder, turmeric, stock, salt, beans, garam masala and tamarind – and maybe more!
Nan bread.
Cake. It’s impossible to say what might be in the cake but it’s amazing what can be made with a manky two ring stove and a tin ‘oven.’

Tea, tea, tea, tea ……
Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits …..
Scones with chocolate.

I have included a few ‘last supper’ pics below.
Afters. Tea, tea, tea…. Biscuits biscuits, biscuits…
Cook and base camp kitchen.
Scones with chocolate

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