Michelle Blaydon – Mud Mud Glorious mud – NOT!!!!

December has been a relatively good month for training as I gear up for the winter ski season. Its been interesting too as I have had to change my routine a lot from normal as many of my training trails have become impossible to run or cycle on with the deluge of rain that seems to have plagued the UK ALL YEAR!!!  I don’t usually get fed up with running but I have to say I am sick of slipping around on muddy trails, and getting wet feet!

Below I’m straddling the muddy trails!!

I have therefore shifted much of my training focus to road running to try and create a base for next year’s adventures.

I don’t really enjoy road running as my motivation comes from the adventure of the trails and countryside, but I have actually found pounding the pavement kinda fun.  I have also joined the local road-runners club for some extra encouragement and motivation.  And whilst painful and not always fun, the structured tempo runs have made me feel a lot stronger than normal for this time of year and more importantly,  really motivated to get out more.

The one thing that is important about road running, especially in the winter, is making sure you are visible to the traffic.  As I don’t normally run on the road so I don’t actually own any high visibility clothing other than a head torch.  So there has been some amusing improvisations………

The high visibility worker vest from my ‘car; ‘incase of break-down box’ made to fit snugly for running with duct tape wrapped around the waist several times. As you can see on my running buddy Rhi this proved to be quite effective

And my personal favorite, a ‘walk to school’ high visibility vest. Kindly lent to me from Rhi’s (My friend) daughter.  Mine was especially fun. I was a little depressed to know that a 7 year old’s chest vest fitted me but at least I lit up like a star when the car lights shone on me.

The rest of the month has been about getting out on the trails as much as I can.  Here catching up with friends for an adventure run around Dorking

The sun finally came out last week whilst out on the North Downs

And finally back on the trails….as the frost has arrived, the trails are passable again…phew.  Woop woop