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In the midst of the frequent bad weather we were forced into a “quick” trip to the remote Inuit village of Scoresbysund for fuel supplies. We took a slight opening in the weather window to travel south down the eastern edge of Hurry Fjord using the mountain line as our guide.

Due to open water in the Scoresbysund Fjord we had to cut the corner and go overland to the windy outpost of Kap Hope. After a sketchy journey across slushy sea ice we reached the hill into Scoresbysund village. I misjudged the severity of the hill and bogged down the snowmobile in deep snow. Within 5 minutes the locals were out in force to see what was happening. After digging out we left our fuel drums to be filled at the depot and headed to the local store. The local children were fascinated by our new snowmobiles and spent considerable time climbing on them and asking questions.

Once stocked with supplies we started our 45km journey back with heavy trailers. The weight proved to be too much and we quickly got stuck in the slushy sea ice. Sea ice problems this winter have hindered the local hunters a great deal. Strong winds of up to 230kph broke the sea ice up leaving a lot of open water and even where the sea ice has refrozen it is very thin. On top of this a lot of late winter heavy snow has made conditions even more hard-going making it very difficult for the local hunters to travel as normal. Finally off the sea ice we escaped back onto land the weather started to close in again leaving our visibility very limited.

The wind was quickly filling the sled tracks in and it was becoming difficult to see. A steep incline to cut the corner as before, but this time with heavy laden trailers, meant we had to bed a track in first. After what seemed like hours we rounded the corner onto the safe haven of Hurry Fjord to breaking weather and an astonishing sunset.

We really have had a massive amount of really horrible weather. Strong northerly winds, heavy snow and 10m visibility are something we’ve had to contend with a lot more than we had hoped. However the few glorious days we have had have been amazing. When the sun finally shines and the mountains reappear the snow conditions have been amazing for snowboarding and skiing. And in Greenland it’s always fresh tracks!

We have managed to head into some stunning valleys, skin up some beautiful mountains and snowboard and ski some fantastic lines. Greenland really is a place of extremes and to get these amazing days we have had to experience rather a lot at the other end of the spectrum. The snow is falling now with no wind, got to be another blue sky powder day coming up soon.

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