Dragon's Back Final Thoughts

The Dragon’s Back race starts on Monday and I am now getting quite excited. After two hard fell races in two days (Weasdale and Sedbergh Hills) I have had a couple of easy weeks and I am feeling quite strong and ready for action.  But 200 miles and 50,000 feet of climb over 5 days is quite daunting. I know I can do one or two days but five days in a row is a challenge. I need to stop any niggles and sort out any rubbing early on or days four and five will be really painful. The long-term weather forecast looks quite good, this will make it a much more enjoyable week but I will probably do less well. I excel in the wind and rain and really struggle in hot weather.

I have bought lots of food for running in the hills and I have lots of gels, cream, tablets – anything that might help. I have got lots of packing to do and also lots of work to finish before I go down to Wales – I hope I can get it all finished in time.

This race is a big commitment for me and my family. 6 days away from home leaving Emma (my wife) and her parents to look after the kids. I am going to miss my daughters first day of school but at least I will be at her fourth birthday party tomorrow.

My main hope for the race is to have five enjoyable, long days in the hills. I want to do well and will race hard but that is a secondary objective.

I would like to thank Berghaus for supporting me to do the race and providing me with lots of great kit – I am looking forward to wearing this on the hills and relaxing in the evening.