Athlete Camp 2014

Above – Extrem Marketing Manager Matt Hickman kicking off the day with some introductions.


Last week Berghaus’ elite team of athletes got together at Slaley Hall in Northumberland for our annual athlete Camp.  The camp not only gets athletes involved with product feedback and engaged with our marketing strategies but it gives them a real chance to meet the other athletes and really feel as though they are part of the Berghaus family.


Leo Houlding, Molly Thompson-Smith, Sam Hamer and Michelle Blaydon deep in discussion.


The two day event focused on Product and Marketing where athletes got the chance to look at prototype products for 2016 and give their feedback. MtnHaus designer James Hodgson led a blue sky session on ‘The Ultimate Product’ where athletes pitched their far flung innovative and crazy ideas for future products if there were no limits.


Leo demo’s the ‘Better Bow’ – keep your eyes peeled for a blog on how to tie your shoe laces. I kid you not.



MtnHaus designer James Hodgson demonstrates the stretch properties of a new prototype.



16 year old climber Molly Thompson-Smith and Mountaineer Mick Fowler examine some new fabric for 2016.



It was also a chance for athletes to share with us their adventure lists and talk us through what’s next on their list and why. There are some real corkers in there and were super excited to be supporting such a team of explorers.


Written by Angela Foster