Lunchtime Jailbreak

You wake up. You go to work. You come home again.

Five days a week, the routine is the same.

Same thing, week after week.


Or are you forgetting something? Isn’t there a tiny glimmer of hope during your eight hours at the office each day?

I call it a chance. An opportunity.

You may call it simply: lunchtime.

Every day you are given 60 minutes of freedom. Even if it’s just 45 or 30 minutes, those minutes are yours to keep. What do you do with them? Eat your sandwiches at your desk perhaps or go down to the canteen for food served by strip light?

Not this month. This month you break free!

2 races, 2 days:  Everyday Adventurer Mark Horsman

Hate your job or love it, cherish your lunch hour or waste it, this month we are seizing those minutes which are rightfully ours and escaping the office.

Your challenge is this: USE YOUR LUNCH HOUR.

●     How far can you get from your workplace on foot, by bike/bus/car and still make it back in time to keep your boss happy?

●     What’s the most adventurous thing you can do in sixty minutes and still have a job at the end of it?

●     What one thing do you keep meaning to do with your lunch break but never get round to?

Everyday Adventurer: Laura Glasgow – Intro

I have heard of people running, showering and eating within their 60-minute slot; some have reached hill tops; others have met friends and visited museums. I once discreetly slipped into a wetsuit in the office toilets and swam across the river and back before getting busted by a colleague with a puzzled look as I dripped river water on the office floor on my return.

I am sure your ideas will be better than mine. But whatever the idea, make sure you DO IT. Don’t delay, don’t put it off until it’s too late and don’t you dare smile politely then close this window of your browser!

Go out, have your adventure and share your story in the comments section below. Points are awarded for originality, ingenuinity, daring and distance covered, but the biggest rewards are given simply for participation.

This article was written by Tim Moss (Berghaus Everyday Adventurer November 2013)

UK to Australia:  Everyday Adventurers hit the road

Tim and Laura Moss lived and worked in London for several years, slotting adventure into their otherwise mundane existence at weekends and during holidays. Always open to a challenge, they have run the length of every London Underground line, cycled from Cornwall to Edinburgh and attempted to swim the length of the Thames.


The lure of full-time adventuring finally proved too much and they left the UK on their bicycles in August 2013, aiming to pedal to Australia. You can follow their progress, and find details of their previous adventures, at

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