Embrace the Elements

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Rain water streams down the sleeve of my jacket forming icy pools on the inside of my gloves. I shiver on my bike. Ahead lies a huge puddle. I don’t know how deep but it’d make a big splash on a bike.

I swerve.

Not to avoid it but, instead, to roll straight through the middle of it.

It’s raining and I want to have some fun.

I suspect you’re reading this inside a building. I imagine you have a radiator on somewhere and, presumably, the windows are closed. Perhaps you drove to work this morning with the heaters on too. Fair enough. February in the UK can be pretty miserable.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. You might not be able to do much about the weather but you can change the way you think about it.

This month we are going to embrace the elements.

●     Next time you see sunshine, fling open your windows or go for a stroll, even if it’s sub-zero outside.

●     When it’s wet and miserable, don’t cower inside and grumble, get your wellies on and jump into puddles with both feet.

●     Freezing cold outside? Go for a swift run or bike ride and enjoy that cold air filling your lungs.

●     And if you’re blessed with snowfall then you won’t need me telling you to climb your favourite peak or knock up a quick snowman.

Half way up a mountain being cold and wet can be dangerous. But running around the block with a grin on your face, it is not.

It’s easy to forget it when the modern world does its level best to protect you from the elements but, in fact, cold and wet can actually be a lot of fun.

So this month, if just for one day, don’t fight the elements. Embrace them.

This article was written by Tim Moss (Berghaus Everyday Adventurer November 2013)

from www.thenextchallenge.org

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