Alan & Annie Gofton – Everyday Adventurers

Alan and Annie are an Englishman and Kiwi couple who live in North London.  They got married late in 2012 and promised each other that they would go travelling around the World together as soon as they could! That dream is now a reality and Alan and Annie are currently in New Zealand in the 13th country of their trip which started in the middle of 2013.  The trip has focused on South East Asia and so far they have travelled through Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam.

They have really enjoyed the adventure parts of their trip, particular favourites being climbing Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka, trekking to Annapurna base camp in Nepal, cycling around palm tree plantations in Malaysia and kayaking in Thailand.

The great thing about travelling through this part of the World is that it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Alan and Annie set themselves a total budget of £50 per day and have largely stuck to that save for the occasional treat such as wedding anniversary celebrations in the World’s highest bar on the 113th floor of a skyscraper in Hong Kong.

Alan’s favourite place on the trip so far was Bagan in Maynmar; an amazing plain of hundreds of temples which are so unspoilt that some of the temples have to be unlocked by local key keepers upon your arrival, often passing you a torch so that you can explore the thousand-year Buddhist murals by yourself inside.

Annie’s favourite spot was Sigiriya, an isolated rock fortress in the centre of Sri Lanka which has huge vertical stone walls and spectacular views once you’ve braved the vertiginous iron staircase to the top.

The final part of Alan and Annie’s tour is New Zealand where they are visiting family and friends. New Zealand is a truly incredible country to visit, the variety of landscapes and native wildlife is spectacular. Annie is from Blenheim a small town in south island which is famous for Marlborough Sauvignon blanc made in the local vineyards.  After spending a little time enjoying the local grapes, Annie and Alan are heading further south to Milford Sound to walk one of the world’s most famous walks, the Milford Trail.

Alan and Annie’s adventure lists are below – their day by day plans and a map of their plans for getting around Myanmar! Alan and Annie found that drawing a map of the country and linking places with lines showing travel times and costs of getting from place to place really helped to plan their routes.

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