Everyday Adventurer: Laura Glasgow

Hi to all reading this,

To introduce us: We are Laura Glasgow and Chris Pevreal. 2 kiwis; both 27, both mad keen travellers, and both suckers for blowing our hard earned money on hare-brained travel schemes.

And that’s where we currently find ourselves at the moment. We having been drivingand camping in a Citroen Dispatch Panel van (her name’s Cheryl) now for two and a half months. We have clocked up 12,000km, but haven’t quite reached halfway on this journey. We probably have another 2 and a half months of poverty, hardship, dysentery, bribes, and mental deterioration, but we’ll relish every moment to come. The sense of adventurewill hopefully last a lifetime.

We are on a mission we’ve dubbed: ‘Stan Crawl, Toon to NZ’. The plan is simply to get home; starting in the ‘toon’ (Newcastle, UK) and finishing in New Zealand. This could quite easily be done by 30hrs of long haul flying. But we weren’t very keen on that.

Laura and I have been living and working in the UK for the past 2 years. A common pilgrimage kiwis do which they call their OE. Working in Newcastle Upon Tyne and going off on forays into Europe was great while it lasted, but as our eviction date loomed we decided we weren’t quite done with Europe. And there was a lot we wanted to see out east.

We bought a cheap panel van from a local painter. Bought and scrounged some tools and timber then got to work constructing our sanctuary for the 30,000km,5 month odyssey east. To ensure our ambitious plans could also benefit others, we started a fundraising page and have been fundraising for charities in north east England, New Zealand and Mongolia.

Before the ferry to Amsterdam, we collected 2 of the 7 vital visas for this journey, stocked up on Yorkshire Tea and Ginger Snaps, and hit the road. The route initially started as a pleasure cruise towards and across Spain. After a hard UK winter we needed some downtime in Spanish sun to rejuvenate. From Barcelona we have climbed to mountain fortresses in the Pyrenees, southern France, walked Cinque terra trails in Italy, paddled Lake Bled in Slovenia, drunk wine in Eger cave cellars in Hungary, watched bears in the wild in Romania, swam in the black sea in Bulgaria, and gone hot air ballooning over Cappadocia in Turkey. We are now on the Turkish side of the border into Iran, waiting to cross into a completely new world. From here things will get very interesting. We will look forward to sharing our experiences with Berghaus readers through September.

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