Berghaus Live for Adventure with Retailers

Our  Technical Support Rep Ed recently spent the day with some of the retailers we work with at Berghaus.
Ed and the Tech Support team took the group for a day of adventure in the Lake District. Here Ed gives his account of the day.

It has been my pleasure to take some of the Ladies and Gentlemen from some of the shops that we at Berghaus work with in the Lake District (mountainous region in North West England) out for a day in the Cumbrian Fells.

Our weapons of choice for the day were Mountain Bikes and it was a great opportunity to test out some of our Berghaus Fast and Light gear. We met up at the National Trust car park and I had an interesting 18Km route worked out that would take in some of the excellent view that the Lake District has to offer.

Once we were all kitted out in our Active Long Sleeve Baselayers, Velum Jackets and Limpet Rucksacks, we were off! Well not quite, a small issue with a seat post not wanting to stay up and 10 minutes later we set off.

In typical Lake District style the first challenge was a gnarly rocky uphill section. The challenge was set, who would manage to cycle the whole of it? We all tried, some succeeded and others ended up walk the last bit. This fortunately wasn’t too long and eventually turned into an interesting rocky downhill and one puncture later we arrived at Hodge Close Quarries.

A Muddy rocky and root bound bit of single track later we got to the Oxen Fell Byway, where we encountered a steep rocky slab, this provided a great little challenge that everyone managed and another puncture. Thankfully the downhill rocky steps that followed proved great fun and left us puncture free by the time we got to the farm.

We continued on our way heading for the longest climb of the day, up the Byway to Iron Keld, if you have not tried this, it’s a great leg and lung busting route that has some really interesting little technical rocky sections to try and master, once up this a left turn led us on to our next bridleway and another climb up to our lunch stop with some great views across to the Langdale Fells and our highest point where we would start our main descent.

With lunch eaten and everyone feeling much better informed about Goretex Active Shell and the jackets they had been given to test, we stopped for a photo and then set off on the excellent descent that was to follow. This is quite possibly one of the best descents in the Lakes it rolls for about 2km and includes some really nice single-track and short technical rocky sections. We flew down the hill at varying speeds, stopping every now and then to open a gate and regroup, finally arriving at the bottom everyone with big smiles of their faces and a little damp from the ford we had to cross.

Back at the bottom a short road section led onto a slightly overgrown bridleway and another gruelling climb, with tired legs some of us struggled up on our bikes while others decided pushing was the best option. This eventually took us down to Cathedral Quarry, where we decided to stop for a short while and investigate the goldfish pool and the very dark tunnels. Interestingly where our Berghaus Athlete Leo Holding got married. Cooled down by our little extra adventure we set off along the bridleway and our final climb then descent to High Tilberthwaite and the short road section back to the car park where we began, to finish up our day.

A great day was enjoyed by everyone who came along, although apparently there were maybe one too many uphill’s! Maybe it’s just me who quite enjoys the interesting uphill bits?

Many thanks to all who participated from, Freetime Climb & Ski Carlisle, George Fishers Keswick, Gaynor Sports Ambleside and Nevisport Kendal. It was a great Live For Adventure day!

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